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"I was a scientist, now I'm a rapper!"

Ash Sanders, 12th Jul 2022
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On xRhythms we've been playing the below track recently by American rapper Marqus Anthony. Like Me is a song about how each person, no matter what they look like or where they're from, is made in the image of God. We loved the track so much that we wanted to find out more about the artist who wrote it, so last week Marqus zoomed in from Detroit to chat with us about his music, future plans, and the faith that drives what he does

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Though Marqus' music is mostly rap, he keeps his style varied, telling us that he has made some "trap-banger hits, lo-fi songs and emotional music" in order to "keep it versatile and deliver a positive message for the people". His road to rap is not the same as most; after a national tragedy in the USA sparked a spontaneous trip to church, Marqus says his "whole life changed" and he went "from an atheist to a believer in Christ" after he was "overwhelmed with the love of God" during the church service. 

This led to a change of career that even Marqus didn't see coming. "I was a scientist, I worked for the government in the United States and was a published author of scientific literature...and I left that to be a Christian rapper" says Marqus, who felt called to "reassess and make this dramatic change" due to wanting to share God's love with the world. In Marqus' own words, "I don't know if you can get a bigger change than that".

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Are there regrets about turning down a high-income job as a Doctor? Marqus is clear there are not, saying "it's more important to impact your community, to follow your purpose and to do what God has called you to do - I wouldn't have had the same level of peace and happiness even if I had more money being a doctor. I'm thankful that I'm walking with purpose and am able to connect with people". 

To the onlooker, turning down a career as a doctor might seem crazy, but not to Marqus. For him, "if every thought I have is just a chemical reaction, there is no 'me'. But I believe there is a 'me', so where did I get that breath of life from?" Asking that question is where Marqus started his journey to rap. In asking that same question ourselves, who knows where it may lead. 

Visit Marqus' website (www.marqusanthony.com) where you can grab a free download of his lastest music, and find all links to his socials. 

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