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"Followers don't matter, let's keep it real"

Ash Sanders, 19th Jul 2022
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We have been playing the music of christian pop artist Abby Robertson for some time now, so we jumped at the chance of sitting down with her a few days ago to chat...on Zoom of course as she lives 4000 miles away in Nashville. Abby's musical CV is heavyweight - you may have heard of bands such as The Beach Boys and Switchfoot, both of whom Abby has supported on tour, as well as taking her music across the world, to countries such as Israel and Ethiopia. 

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When it comes to her songs, being real is clearly very important to Abby as its a recurring theme throughout our time together. "I get to meet people and talk to them, and a lot of the same things are brought up - worry, anxiety, depression" says Abby. "I'm not the only one who deals with these things, so I might as well just write about it and hope that people find a positive message in it". 

Abby's quest for realness and authenticity extends to her digital presence. "Social media is hard to navigate [but] I have really just become so okay with who I am that I don't have to be doing something that the world might think is so incredibly cool - if I want to post a picture of my dog, I'll do it!". Her advice to young people using social media today is to "keep your head up" and remember that "numbers don't matter" because family and faith are the most important things. 

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Abby's clear sense of identity seems to stem from her faith in God, which has been with her in one form or another since she was young. Her parents recently found a picture she had drawn when she was 5 of herself singing, with the caption "when I grow older I want to sing songs about the Lord", however as she grew older she "started to be God in [her] own life" . Abby returned to faith in God more recently,  re-igniting that childhood goal of singing songs about faith once again. 

Having been through tough times and seen God come through for her, Abby's advice to young people facing difficulty today is "even in the hardest times, cry out to God - he is right there with you". 

Don't forget to check out Abby's YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC79cAnE6Ggi_15FNQNJJMxg) and her Instagram @abbyrobertsonmusic for more content!

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