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Roar for the Lionesses!

Image Credit: England Football

Ash Sanders, 27th Jul 2022
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So they've done it! The Lionesses have reached the FINAL of the women's football European Championships, which they'll play at 5pm on BBC One. The whole country will be watching, as will a full Wembley Stadium, and with England's women playing in front of a home crowd, they could easily be considered favourites. 

So the big question is, is football FINALLY coming home?

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Women's football has come a long way. Games are now being shown on Sky Sports, the record attendance for a women's game recently broke the 90,000 mark, and it is said to be the fastest-growing women's sport in the UK with over 3.4 million women and girls playing the sport regularly.

It's fantastic to see the country getting behind our female footballers - how incredible that if a young girl dreams of being a footballer, she can now see it one day becoming a reality when in years gone by, it wasn't massively encouraged. In fact, in 2022 here in the UK, a woman can be anything she wants to be, just like a man - how amazing is that? And who wouldn't want to score goals like Georgia Stanway's absolute banger VS Spain in the Quarter Finals?

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There is a verse in the bible which says 'a gift opens the way' (it's in Proverbs 18:16, in case you wanted to look it up) and this seems appropriate here for our Lionesses. Their considerable gift at playing football has overcome all barriers placed in their way, and they're on a mission to bring football home this Sunday with the country - men and women alike - behind them.

All that's left to say is...COME ON ENGLAND! BRING FOOTBALL HOME!

Want to learn more about women's football? We've linked a great BBC documentary below - give it a watch! 

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